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Anastasia's Book Log Update Form

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If you push enter before reaching the right side of the form at the end of each line, your entire content will format properly. 


Also remember to avoid refreshing your blog (Book Log) page immediately after submitting.  If you do your browser will ask you if it can resend the information just click cancel.  If you click yes you will have your submission show twice on your log.


You can make it as long as you want. 


You can copy and paste.


You can call me if someone finds this page and submits something you don't want.  I can erase the offending entry.  If it becomes a problem we can add a password to the page, but this probably won't be an issue.




I have decided to go ahead and add a simple password field designed to keep automated computer programs from adding junk to your blog page.  Simply type your first name to the small text box after your blog submission.  It is not case sensitive, but it does need to be spelled correctly.  This should solve the problem.  If you have any questions please call me at 866-5508.


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