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If you loved this clip you will love the full DVD. It is over an hour of incredible information that will make you a better player and coach. Plus, Coach Fleming has a whole library of informative manuals for players and coaches of all skill levels.

Coach Bill Fleming has over 40 years of winning basketball experiences where he has won over 500 games as a coach in Iowa, has taken his teams to conferences where they had 17 victories, worked with the legendary John Wooden at his summer camps, and inspired over 60 of his players to become coaches. Now he wants to share his winning secrets with you. Here you will find the best of the best material about how to become a better player, learn of great money making ideas that really work for your basketball program, and how to manage your team from organizing coaches to setting up your own basketball camps.

We wish you the best of luck during this basketball season!


"Coach Fleming has one of the greatest minds for basketball in the world. there is no way one team goes to 4 straight Final Fours at the NAIA level without him."~Rocky Lamar, Head Coach Mid America Nazarene Univ.-Olathe K.S.

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