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Galis Booklet Version 4









9:49am 8-18-12. (edited 10:10am on 8-22-12) New 9x6 cards The proof is pretty close to the actual size.










12:40 pm 8-10-12 (last edited 10:11 pm 8-14-12) (These are of course larger than actual size) The final size will be 6x4









1:04 pm 8-8-12



12:23pm 8-7-12 The monitor needed to have a color change it was getting lost in the background. Having 3 colors instead of just two creates visual balance.


2:38 am 8-6-12 As you can see the lighter you go with the background the more washed out the neon is going to look.






3 logos here for you to choose from. They are all 100% Custom so we can change anything you like such as colors, shapes and fonts on any of them.