Sacrament Meeting

Presiding ~ Bishop Blake Christenson
Conducting ~ Bishopric 1st Counselor Brad Olsen
Music Director ~ Sister Susan Bryner
Organist ~ Sister Alice Beebe
Opening Hymn ~ Hymn #209 - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Invocation ~ tba..

Ward & Stake Business

Sacrament Hymn ~ Hymn #141 - Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee

Sacrament blessed and passed to the congregation

Primary Program
Closing Hymn ~ Hymn #81 - Press Forward, Saints
Benediction ~ tba..

Bishopric Message

Brothers and Sisters,

Benevolence can bring joy and unity to your
home, your class, our ward, and your schools.
Our Savior taught us about and lived a
benevolent life. Jesus loved all and He served
all. Centering our lives on Jesus Christ will
help us acquire this attribute of benevolence.
For us to develop these same Christ like
attributes, we must learn about the Savior
and “follow in His Ways.”

In Luke Chapter 10, a lawyer asked the Savior,
“What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” The
answer, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God
with all they heart, and with all they soul, and
with all they strength, and with all they mind
and thy neighbor as thyself.”

Who are our neighbors? Would they be each
other in the church and outside the church?
President Thomas S. Monson taught, “…I plead
with you to have the courage to refrain from
judging and criticizing those around you, as
well as the courage to make certain everyone
is included and feels loved and valued.”

Brother and Sisters, we invite all, this day, to
renew this courage in yourselves and in each
other, and help everyone that you are next to
feel loved and valued.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
(Source: April 2011 Conference, Mary N Cook)

Uplifting Activities for Families and Individuals

1. Study Mark, Luke, John, and 3 Nephi.
2. Share a Christmas Church Video with a friend.
3. Study and prepare to meet the new Stake Goals.
4. Attend one of the Christmas Events at the VC *
5. Befriend someone new to the ward.
6. Share your activity ideas by submitting them to Sister Valdez at


* Check bulletin board for more information.
** Check for more information.

December Activities & Meetings:

11th ~ Mormon Chorale - 7 pm - VC
13th ~ Babtism - 7 pm - Norfleet
16th ~ Hill Park Christmas party - 6 pm - Norfleet
30th ~ Stake YM/YW New Years Dance - 9 pm

January Activities & Meetings:

8th ~ Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults - 7 pm **
14th ~ Merit Badge Roundup - 9 am - Stake Center

Your Family History

- Call to sign-up to attend the next class during Sunday school.
- Call for a one on one appointment

Consultant ~ Richard Wheeler: 816-836-8813
Consultant ~ Marjorie Wheeler: 816-836-8813
Consultant ~ Ana Huezo : 816-254-1375 - Spanish Speaker
Consultant ~ Edith Salazar: 816-399-8436- Spanish Speaker
Consultant ~ Cliff Bryner: 816-529-3877
Consultant ~ Susan Bryner: 816-254-0463


Ward Exec. Secretary ~ Timothy Dyer: 816-836-3937
Ward Clerk ~ Mecklen Van Evera: 304-268-7264
Ward Asst. Clerk ~ Michael Hill: 816-836-3356
Building Representative ~ Vavega Tialino: 816-796-7618
Employment Specialist ~ Ladawna Smith: 816-807-4222
High Priests Group Leader ~ Larry Beebe: 816-252-3322
Elders Quorum Pres. ~ Conrad Bell: 816-665-3903
Relief Society Pres. ~ Gina Bell: 816-668-4183
Sunday School Pres. ~ Alen Steffensen: 816-813-7562
Young Men Pres. ~ Joshua Blanch: 816-456-5077
Young Women Pres. ~ Rebecca Blanch: 816-716-2554
Primary Pres. ~ Janice Hill: 816-520-8958
Mission Leader ~ Wilson Mena: 816-305-7649

Ward & Stake Goals for 2017

1. To live the gospel of Jesus Christ we will: Read the
Book 0f Mormon, applying the principles in our lives.

2. To gather Israel through missionary work, we will:
Set unit goals for convert baptisms, Particularly Working
with less actives and those presently not attending.

3. To enable the salvation of the dead, we will: Continue
to have a goal of 15% of our members Submitting names
and an additional goal of indexing 500,000 names stake

4. To care for the poor and needy, we will: Initiate the
new Church program on “Self-reliance”, particularly
looking at family finances, present employment status,
emotional stability.

Developing a Community of Saints

Matthew 18:20 ~ “For where two or three are gathered
together in my name. There am I in the midst of them.”

Bruce R. McConkie ~ “Deity gives unto his people
according to their desires. By faith all the righteous
desires of the saints can be gained. There are no limits to
the power of faith; nothing is to hard for the Lord.”

Doctrine & Covenants 50:29 ~ “If ye are purified
and cleansed from all sin, ye shall ask whatsoever you will
in the name of Jesus and it shall be done.”